An Innovative, Patent Pending Real Time Activity Monitoring System for  Production and Warehouse Operations.

IM Device

Our Newest Product

This amazing cellular based IM Device directly connects to the client’s private cloud management system immediately ready to operate.

We know that we are in an ever-evolving market, so our infrastructure is built to support change and expansion. Forget about the pages of data other systems generate and focus on what makes an immediate difference in profitability! This amazing cellular based IM Device directly connects to the client’s private cloud management system immediately and is ready to operate. 

The IM Device is a real time process monitor that sends immediate preprogramed alerts for any deviation in the process. During a process anomalies are detected before potential issues occur.  Alerts have a immediate support response function that helps get the process back in compliance. All down times are automatically documented.

The IM Device tracks SHORTESTLONGEST and AVERAGE PROCESS TIME to help determine productivity opportunities. It also tracks SCRAPLOST TIME, and LOST PARTS while continually tracking  OEE in real time. 

The database and the online portal utilize the best available code, with speed, reliability, and expandability as the primary focus. All activity can be down loaded for deeper analysis. The system even generates a Monday AM report of all shift activity of the past week from worst to best and supports in-plant displays and light trees. A lifetime warranty comes with every IM Device.

An innovative, Paten Pending Real Time Activity Monitoring System for Production &  Warehouse Operations.

The IM Device does not require IT support, WiFi, in plant servers, expensive cabling, and complicated interfaces.  Plus it supports the very necessary sustainability requirement.

It is a low cost, easy to install, very simple tool to get immediate productivity improvement.

Installing the Unit

Every unit comes with complete instructions and a support telephone number allowing end users to self install with a minimum of effort, time, and costs.

IM offers pre-install Zoom, post install Zoom, first introduction Zoom, one week later a follow up application Zoom. Plus there is a full time help line number. Very quick, simple, and easy!

Our hardware

Our hardware has been designed from the ground up to be flexible so that it can be seamlessly integrated into any workflow. This also allows addition of hardware and adaptation to unique manufacturing applications.

our alert

Our alert system is made to be dynamic so that at different levels of alerts can contact different resources to make sure that the issue is being properly addressed before things fall too far behind.


The modularity in both code and in hardware allow us to change out systems, processes, and code sets as it benefits our customers while allowing changes to work within our current system infrastructure.

our charts

Our charts are built on the largest and most diverse library available to best visualize our customers data, thus reducing the evaluation time for large data sets. Our goal is to continue to be the leading developer and manufacturing of cloud based IoT productivity tools, internationally.

Here Are Some of our 

Customers Results

Reduced Short Duration Stops by 84%
Increased Production by 27% 
Reduced Rejects by 92%

Found that 20% of production time was lost to avoidable stops costing $4.5 million annually


Gained 20% in production, eliminating the need to purchase a new high speed filling machine.